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Boosting Immunity with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Kim dela Cruz, LAc, CYT

October 1, 2020

There are two seasons where most colds and flus occur for the majority of people, Fall and Winter. It is less common for someone to catch a cold or a flu during Spring or Summer. The main reason why this is is because of the outside temperature. During Fall and Winter the temperature drops and fluctuates more from high to low and people are usually either caught off guard and don’t dress warmly or they are around other people at school and work that have also caught a cold or flu. Alternately, during Spring and Summer our bodies are usually at a consistent temperature, we are happy and usually protected because we are eating well and sleeping well for the most part. 

In any contraction of an illness there is also the component of stress. There is much less stress during the Spring and Summer months as people are enjoying the weather and meeting with friends and family on vacations and outings. There is a new found sense of energy and vibrance coming out of the winter months reflecting the growth and greening of Earth’s fauna and flora. 

During the Spring and Summer months people still have most of the year ahead of them to plan and achieve goals, set intentions, enjoy each other’s company.

According to Chinese Medicine, a major mode of transmission of a cold or flu to affect the body is weakened wei qi or protective qi (what we call “immunity” in our medicine). Another route that a pathogen can take into the body is through poor personal protective practices. 

Weak wei qi is where an external pathogen, what we call “wind” in Chinese Medicine, enters the body through the pores or eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or emotions and our bodies natural defenses are not able to combat the invader. During the Fall months when the weather changes and starts to get cooler, it is sometimes 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperature fluctuations may cause us to dress too lightly. When the weather is warm our bodies’ pores are open to allow for sufficient cooling. We could be slightly sweating and not even know it. Then when the weather changes rapidly to cold, it takes a while for our bodies to adjust and close the pores. This may allow a pathogen to enter into the pores and give us symptoms like headache, body aches and achy joints, sore throat, dry eyes, fatigue and weakness. It is always a good idea to have an extra sweater, jacket and scarf on hand just in case the weather turns colder to protect our pores and not allow any outside invaders to enter. Staying comfortably warm is of utmost importance. It is also important that people stay hydrated and drink water to prevent dehydration.

When we are exposed to people who are sick or could be sick we could be in danger of contracting a cold or flu from poor protective practices. Washing your hands and not touching your face is the best way to not get pathogens from surfaces or other people around you. Also wearing a mask to protect others when you could possibly be sick is also an excellent way to prevent transmission of a pathogen. Keeping a safe distance from others who may be sick is another way to prevent transmission of a pathogen. 

In the case of those individuals who have pre-existing conditions, it is doubly important that they keep their body temperatures comfortable and practice personal protective habits.

In Chinese Medicine, there are ways to help prevent catching a cold and flu. Chinese Herbs can be taken to boost wei qi/immunity. Acupuncture and Moxibustion treatments can also effectively boost wei qi/immunity and lower stress levels. 

The first level and best practice of Chinese Medicine is prevention of illness with a proper healthy diet, daily moderate exercise, stress reduction, and sufficient rest and sleep.

The second level of Chinese Medicine is to take Chinese Herbs and get Acupuncture treatments to prevent illness.

The third level of Chinese Medicine is to take Chinese Herbs and get Acupuncture to treat the existing condition.

The fourth level of Chinese Medicine is to supplement the body back to normal function after an illness with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture to prevent the body from getting sick again.

The body will always want to be healthy in a normal situation. It is a master at homeostasis. So intelligent a design that we don’t even need to tell it what to do, it naturally does it on its own. But if your body is out of balance and  you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, then it’s a sure sign that your body is asking for help. Seek out a health professional, preferably one versed in natural healing, to get your body back to optimal healthy function. Contact me for any advice or questions you have at KdAcuTherapy@gmail.com. Helping you heal is my highest purpose and reward!

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