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Neck and Shoulder pain

I cannot compliment Kim dela Cruz and this practice enough! I had only experienced acupuncture once over 20 years ago and I must say that Kim has changed my entire outlook for the better on this approach in healing. I was recently challenged with neck, & shoulder pain with tightness stemming from stress, exercise, and sleeping awkwardly with a new pillow. Kim is truly gifted in so many ways. Her energy exudes that of a true healer, her voice is kind and nurturing while she takes the time to educate you on the process. Lastly her touch is REMARKABLE, I never even felt the needles being inserted. I was extremely relaxed and asleep before she even exited the room!!!! I had to return to work afterwards and was able to carry the relaxation with me throughout the rest of the week. When it comes to tightness, pain, and or Woman’s Health I highly suggest that you visit this practice because you will not be disappointed! It all makes sense as she is a grounded yogi that practices on and off the mat!

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