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Skeptic found Acupuncture really works

I wasn’t sold on acupuncture. How can you tell if it is really working?  Granted I am not the most observant person, but seriously, how can you tell?  Not sure how you’ll answer this question, but here’s my answer.

Going to the dentist is not something I relish. Love my dentist, but going to see her, not so much. Having a irrational fear of the dentist doesn’t help. Two valium an hour before my appointment usually helps, although laughing gas is occasionally necessary to get the job done.  A looming dental cleaning caused me to mentioned this phobia to Kim.  She said  having an acupuncture treatment before my appointment would be very helpful.  I figured why not and booked a session 90 minutes before the dentist.

Kim targeted very specific areas for relaxation, calming, and more with the needles, I took my valium, and my husband drove me to the dentist. This was like every other dental appointment except that I started falling asleep in the car.  Once at the dentist I continued on in that sleepy state.  Everything was easy, no choking, no gagging, no worry or fear.  Actually, I barely remember the appointment at all, which is how all dental appointments should be!

This experienced cemented in my mind that acupuncture really works! Many years of visits to the dentist, with valium, and I had never been THAT relaxed. NEVER.  The only difference between this appointment and so many others was the acupuncture treatment.

So that is how I can tell that acupuncture really works!

Tracey Olson

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