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Healing Hatha

by Kim dela Cruz, LAc, CYT

Acupressure Massage and Yoga Meridian Therapy

This class is solely created and developed by me. I have employed my knowledge as an Acupuncturist for 20 years and yogi for 30 years to bring you healing at the deepest levels of your mind and body.

I have also created and developed a class that also incorporates Yoga and Acupuncture. I perform workshops at my clinic, KD Acupuncture Therapy and other yoga studios around San Diego. I am available for private and semi-private Hatha Yoga (30-minutes or 45-minutes), Healing Hatha with Essential Oils (45-minutes) or Yoga and Acupuncture Workshops (45-minutes) in person or remotely through Zoom. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

My Healing Hatha class incorporates essential oil massage on acupressure points and activation of specific Chinese Medicine channels and focuses on specific chakras for healing of mind and body, Mantra energy and Hatha Yoga.

Flow for A New Moon!
Fly me to the moon…onward and upward!
Clearing out the old and moving into intention for new positive and manifestation of pure
compassion and heart’s wishes.

For the New Moon this time we will use Sweet Orange. Expands upwards, energizes, disperses and cools. Activates the Middle Burner, Spleen and Stomach channel in Chinese Medicine and Heart Chakra (Fire), Solar Plexus(Earth) Chakra and Sacral (Water) Chakra.

Place drops of oil on the pointer finger and rub both pointer fingers together and smell deeply
into both nostrils for 30 seconds.

Gently massage a couple of drops of essential oil onto acupressure points 30 to 60 seconds light pressure small circular motion, both directions.

Working with New Moon energy we will massage the Liver and Gall Bladder channels in Chinese Medicine which helps with moving stuck energy, moving stagnation in muscles, pain, and helping with discernment, promoting decision making for good choices.

Kidney 3- Source point of Kidney channel (Water Element) inside ankle midway between inside ankle bone and achilles tendon.
Liver 3- Source point of Liver channel (Wood Element-yin) top of foot 2 inches above webbing of juncture of big toe and second toe.
Gall Bladder 40- Source point of Gall Bladder (Wood Element-yang) outside ankle at juncture of front of ankle bone and bottom of ankle bone, making a square, corner of front outside ankle bone.

Invoking the energy of Lord Ganesha, blessings and help for new beginnings. OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA. You can say out loud several times while seated in Sukhasana (easy seated pose, legs crossed or uncrossed). Or quietly to yourself. Also, to chant when you are centering in your flow during your pauses during Hatha Yoga, tadasana, balasana, savasana, sukhasana.

Activating blood for this new moon and new energy, pushing outward and upward.
Easy Seated pose (sukhasana)-legs can be crossed or uncrossed
Quiet Center breathe gentle stretch to wake up spine
Activate sides of waist and body: seated side neck stretches, seated side body stretches and
seated forward fold to open hips (pachimottanasana), slight bend in knees
Table top to cats/cow
Downward facing dog, can pump legs to release calf muscles
Mountain Pose (tadasana), push through heels
Standing side stretches arms above head with steeple mudra, even weight on both feet

3 sun salutations (surya namaskar)- warm up

All 3 warrior poses (virabhadrasana)-strength, stability and balance:
Warrior 1 to pyramid, may adjust arms behind back when folding into pyramid
Warrior 2 to side angle to triangle, may adjust arms to bind or prop onto blocks
Balance-Stork to Warrior 3, may adjust arms to be next to body, out to sides or extended
towards the front
Wide leg forward fold (prasarita), even weight on both feet, keep hips even
Yogi Squat (malasana), elbows inside of knees, hands at heart center
Seated with legs bent, roll down onto back
Knees bent into chest (apanasana) gentle rock side to side
Bridge (setu bandhasana)
Supine twist each side
Quiet Center breathe
Easy Seated (sukhasana)
Bow to thank your beautiful soul for your practice!
Namaste. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

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